Small children and infants are welcome during Sunday morning worship. They are offered opportunities to participate in the service with liturgical tasks appropriate to their age and temperament. We don't offer nursery care during worship. We want our children to remember that they were always part of the worshiping community—and their presence is a blessing to us.  

This blog post pretty much sums it up! And this one.

We encourage children and their families to join us for our monthly Sunday evening "Welcome Table" Eucharist—a shorter service with more opportunities for movement and active participation than offered on Sunday mornings. And afterwards there's pizza! What's not to love? And we send home with children's caregivers a packet of age-appropriate monthly formation activities, keyed to the liturgical seasons of the year. Check the Calendar for Welcome Table on the first Sunday (October through May).

We invite households with children to check in at Grow Christians for some guidance on discipleship in the unpredictability of family life. You may also find helpful suggestions and resources at Vibrant Faith at Home.