Almighty God, creator of the cosmos, the prophet Elijah did not find you in the shattering earthquake, in the mighty wind, or in the roaring fire; but out of the sheer silence, Elijah was led by your gentle, quiet whisper. In seeking our next rector, we ask for willingness and grace to release what has been, to still our clamoring minds, and to let go our expectations, so we can fully open our hearts to hear your guiding voice. In a spirit of enthusiasm and trust in the goodness of a new calling for our St. Mark’s family, we ask that you inexorably draw Priest and Parish together in the spirit of mutual love, care, and ministry so that we may better cherish and serve you and our neighbor, through the power and compassion of our Good Shepherd, Jesus the Christ. Amen.  —St. Mark's Prayer for our Rector Search

The rector in an Episcopal Church is in formal relationship in mutual ministry with the congregation and with the diocese to provide priestly leadership in the community's common life.

St. Mark's has had 20 Rectors since it called its first in 1887. 

We have now embarked on the discerning and prayerful process of calling our twenty-first rector; The Rev. Robin Biffle retired on October 1, 2019, after more than 11 years of ministry and service at St. Mark's. 

Eventually you'll find here a parish profile, and much more.

And we'll give a brief summary of work in-progress on the Timeline on this page.

Please continue to hold us in prayer as we engage this holy work.