The Rev. Karen Schomburg+ | Vicar 

The Rev. Karen Schomburg+ began her time with us in January 2020. She is staying in the vicarage when she is in Moscow and drives back to Spokane, where her permanent home, is on her days off. Karen will be doing interim work with our congregation, focusing on developing leadership, along a strong sense of direction and identity. She will be preaching each Sunday, officiating at Slow Church on Thursday, and overseeing the operations and leadership of St. Mark’s. Karen’s office hours are Thursday through Sunday most weeks. 208-882-2022 or


Mary Beth Rivetti+ | Priest Associate

Mary Beth Rivetti+ retired from full-time parish ministry after 13 years as rector of St. James’ Episcopal Church in Pullman in 2016, and since then has made her spiritual home at St. Mark’s.  As priest associate, first under Mother Robin Biffle, and now under our current vicar, the Rev. Karen Schomburg, Mary Beth provides assistance, wisdom from experience, and -- under the direction of the priest in charge -- pastoral care, teaching, preaching, and supply work. Between the retirement of Mother Robin and the appointment of the Rev. Schomburg, Mary Beth served under contract with the vestry and the diocese to provide pastoral services at St. Mark's for three months. 208-882-2022 or    


Sarah Bergdahl | Administrative Assistant

Sarah Bergdahl started helping with leaflet publication and website calendar updates in August 2019.  She continues to take on more daily and weekly tasks, alongside Harriet, learning the ropes of the office at St. Mark’s.  She will be monitoring and facilitating communication, building use, weekly and monthly church schedules, publication and documentation, and other office tasks.  208-882-2022 or    


Harriet Hughes | Parish Life Coordinator

Harriet Hughes has been a member of St. Mark’s congregation since 1988, and the administrative assistant since 2014.  Currently, she is transitioning out of the (paid) administrative job and into “retirement” as Parish Life Coordinator (unpaid).  Along with our Vicar Karen and Administrative Assistant Sarah Bergdahl, we’ll be figuring out exactly that that role entails as we go along this year.  208-882-2022 or    


Carol Espe | Sexton

Carol Espe oversees the cleanliness of our building and public areas. She also manages the supplies for cleaning and running our kitchen and other areas of the church.


Vestry Members

Vestry members are elected to exercise congregational leadership in matters of St. Mark's physical property and monetary resources. They also serve as models of Christian living through their engagement at St. Mark's and their ministries in the world. Messages for Vestry members may be left at 208-882-2022.

Michael Cleveland


Cassi Leonard


Nancy Lyle (People's Warden)


Robbie O'Connor



Suzanne Planck


Helen Wootton (Senior Warden)