Holy Week and Easter services 2018

The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday (March 25)

9:30 a.m. This liturgy journeys from Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem through his betrayal, crucifixion, and death. While there are other liturgies during Holy Week to engage these events more deeply, this Sunday provides a taste of it. The presentation of the passion of Jesus during the Eucharist is James Weldon Johnson's "The Crucifixion" a sermon in verse from his collection God's Trombones.

Tenebrae (March 28)

7 p.m. We offer this candlelit service of chanted Psalms and readings evoking the desolation and grief that mark this week. Tenebrae means "shadows" and this liturgy takes us into the shadow-spaces encountered in the Psalms chosen for the occasion. Throughout the service the candles are slowly, ritually extinguished. (75 min)

Maundy Thursday (March 29)

We offer two services: 12:10 p.m. and 7 p.m. During this liturgy, we offer optional foot-washing (John 13:1-17) as we commemorate Jesus' institution of the Lord's Supper/Holy Communion. At the end of the evening service, we ceremonially strip the worship space of all decoration as we enter into the time of Our Lord's betrayal and death. (75 min)

Following the evening service members of the congregation may participate in a part of the all-night Gethsemane Watch or Vigil of Repose. 

Good Friday (March 30)

We offer the Good Friday Liturgy at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Drawn from the Book of Common Prayer, the morning liturgy is a spoken service (with Cantored special music) and the evening service includes music by choir and musicians. Both services feature the church's ancient Solemn Collects (sung during the evening service), and the reading of the Passion Narrative from the Gospel According to John. This is one of the two days of the liturgical year in which the Holy Eucharist may not be celebrated (the other being Holy Saturday). However, on this day, worshipers may partake of the Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament consecrated at the Maundy Thursday service. (60 min/75 min)

Holy Saturday (March 31)

From The Book of Common Prayer, this liturgy for Holy Saturday is principally Psalms and other readings from Scripture, and prayers. Noon. (15 min.)

Easter Day (April 1)

Two opportunities for worship:

The Great Vigil of Easter is celebrated at 6 a.m. The liturgical highlight of the year this service begins in the "dark" and features the kindling of new fire; sung Exsultet; the recitation of salvation history in Scripture and song; Holy Baptism; the "resurrection" of the Alleluias; and a Festal Holy Eucharist. Some of us wear our pajamas to this service—really! (1:45—with a break)

Worship is followed by our annual scrumptious Easter Brunch at 8 a.m. and an Easter Egg Hunt at 9 a.m.

A Festal Eucharist is celebrated at 9:30 a.m. This is a sung service, with special music by the choir and musicians, and also features the flowering of the cross. (75 min)

Worship is preceded by Easter Brunch at 8 a.m. and and Easter Egg Hunt at 9 a.m.