We greet you in God's grace and peace. Let us lift our prayer together.  

Please email our priest Mother Robin if you would like us to pray for you (or another) by name. Provide as much information as you'd like. Unless otherwise requested, we'll publish first names only, and will publish specifics of request only if you ask us to.

If you'd like to continue on the list, please renew the request weekly. 

Please pray for:

Amanda and her son—Living in the chaos of her addictions

Andy—Struggling in prison

Ann—Living with metastasized cancer

Anne—Living with Multiple Sclerosis and pulmonary issues

Anthony—Living with brain cancer

Asylum seekers, forced migrants and others seeking protection in the United States

Butch—Living in nursing care with aging-related health issues

C.—Stage three kidney disease

Kris Hawley Carlson—Treatment for stage three breast cancer

Carol and Jim

Cindy—Relationship stress

Congregations in our diocese in discernment for new clergy leadership and/or another holy way forward: St. Paul's, Kennewick, Wash.; St. Mark's, Moscow, Idaho; St. Matthew's/San Mateo, Prosser, Wash.; and Holy Trinity, Sunnyside, Wash.

Jerry Dean—Kidney failure 

Deanna—Struggling with intractable back pain and depression


An end to the epidemic of gun violence in this nation, which puts ownership of military style semi-automatic weapons, and easy access to other firearms as a higher priority than the lives of children and humans of all ages

An equitable tax system in the U.S. to grow and strengthen the middle class, that all may share in opportunities for adequate and affordable education, health care, and old age 

Gwyn—85 years old and living alone in NYC

Healing of the divides in this nation, especially around race, class, and gender—through repentance and amends by those who hold privilege—and through a renewed commitment by the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, and all in power to "strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being" 

A healthcare system that is not profit-driven, but rather driven by human (patient) need

Jeanie—Living with TBI, mental illness, and alcoholism

Jim—Living with Leukemia

Joan, Ted, and family

Julie—Living with end stage cancer

Karen—Dementia; moved to assisted living nearer family 

Kathy Johnson—And husband Ron, living with Kathy's early-onset Alzheimer's

Kaitlyn—Living with chronic lung disease

Kay—Living with alcoholism 

Sharon Kehoe—And husband Rob; living with Sharon's Stage 4 lung cancer

Kris—Living with ME/CFS 

Kristen's sons—Living in the chaos of their mom's addictions 

Louie—Aging and scared and angry and not taking care of himself

Dianne Lowe—Living with Parkinson's disease 

John MacDonald—Living with kidney disease; transplant date: August 20

Martha—Holding others up

Mary—Preparing to move to be closer to family

Mary—Bone marrow transplant

The Muslim Uighur people in China, persecuted, interned, and families separated to facilitate governmental "re-education"

N. and R. and family—Living with alcoholism

Our nation, which has normalized a narrative of fear, greed, hatred, and meanness instead of the story of hope, common good, love, and kindness among all its peoples, which could make it great

Our nation, which denies its own systemic racism, white privilege, and unjust structures and, in defiance of the Gospel of love, inclusion, and community, withholds justice and opportunity from African-American people, First Nations people, and other people of color

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank

The patients in Stanford University's ME/CFS program 

The people of Chad, especially in the region of Lake Chad which has diminished by 95% and no longer provides livelihood to its peoples; and the people's daily struggle under threat from Boko Haram, with little or no protection from its ineffectual and corrupt government

The people of the Cheyenne Indian Reservation, the Rosebud Indian Reservation, and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation—South Dakota—many of whom already live well below the poverty line and after exceptional spring floods are struggling to restore their homes and lives

The people of who live along the rivers of the midwest, especially Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota where there has been devastating flooding since March

The people of Syria. Especially for the most vulnerable: the elderly, children, and women—struggling to make a life under tyranny and during war

The people of Sudan, especially the women and children, suffering ongoing violence, drought, and famine

The people of Yemen, a land in crisis in the face of climate change and war with Saudi funded Sudanese child-mercenaries that threaten more people with death by starvation than we have known in this century

The President of the U.S., his Cabinet, advisors, and staff, and our Congress and Supreme Court, that their hearts may be turned to serve the common good, especially toward "the least of these" among us, to foster justice and equity, and to use their prerogatives and power to protect and sustain our planet and the liberty of its peoples

Refugees and forced migrants; those who seek asylum

Regina—Living with intractable nerve pain

The Rohingya people of Myanmar and Bangladesh

Rose—Living with a rare untreatable cancer

Seamus—A child struggling with serious mental illness


Seri, Fiona, and John—Preparing to move out of country for John's Ph.D. program


Tanya—Living with ME/CFS 

That we may enact sensible gun laws

That we may have a federal administration staffed by appointees whose interests and loyalties are in service to the American people and to the planet, rather than to themselves and to the "almighty dollar"

Those facing danger and oppression

  • Archbishops Paul Yazigi and John Ibrahim, Syria, abducted in 2013, fate unknown
  • Christians persecuted in Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, India and Pakistan
  • Muslims persecuted in India, Israel, Myanmar, Europe, and the USA
  • All women and girls of the world
  • LGBTQ persons and trans people, especially youth 
  • Victims of human trafficking, slave trade, and sexual exploitation
  • Those who suffer abuse or violence at the hands of someone they love and/or trust

Those who suffer the demons of despair, fear, hatred, and hopelessness

Those working 12-step programs and in other ways engaging recovery

Tom—Lewy Body dementia

Tom and Kris—Living with alcoholism

Lester Waldmann

Betty Wayman—Lung and brain cancer; and prayer for her husband Bill and family

John Waldmann Wharton

Helen Wootton—The long road of grief


And in Thanksgiving for:

Access to medical care

Adina's adoption—And her parents Brett and Darci

"Bet Shabbat"

Bridge Bible Fellowship, Moscow, Idaho



Critical thinking—May it be nurtured in all



Godly resistance


Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Grangeville, Idaho


Cory and Jay Hunter

Isaac—Clean medical report

Jake, John, Nathan, and Shanna—Ordained to the priesthood on June 15

Kelli's baptism on the Day of Pentecost

Marcie and Landon—Expecting a baby


Poets and poetry




Reporters of fact-based journalism


Shariah and Ben—Expecting a baby

The Sisters, Oblates, staff, and friends of the Monastery of St. Gertrude (Cottonwood, Idaho—Roman Catholic)

The Sisters, Oblates, staff, and friends of the Convent of St. Mary (Sewanee, Tennessee—Episcopal)


This beautiful, dangerous, messy world

Those in the military who have made the ultimate sacrifice

Those who teach and work toward restorative justice, non-violence, and reconciliation

Those who work for the common good, in any capacity



And those who have died. May their lives be for blessing. May friends and angels lead them into the Light; and may God comfort those who mourn:

The 12 people murdered in a shooting in Virginia Beach (d. May 31). We also pray for those physically injured and for all emotionally traumatized

Heidi Johnson (d. May 27)—Prayers for her husband and children, and for her mother Anita Rognas

Dave (d. May 26)

Donald Warren Carleton (d. May 24)

Those killed by gun violence in our country in 2019: 6,434 children, women, and men; and 12,401 people injured (through June 15). In addition, about 22,000 people who die every year of suicide-by-gun are not included in this list due to lack of public source material.

Go here to read a statement by our Bishops Against Gun Violence. Go here to read our Bishop's statement on domestic violence. We offer this Litany by the Bishops Against Gun Violence. (The Bishops update and publish periodically, but you may adapt as needed.)

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

[Photo Credit: Mark Huth]