We greet you in God's grace and peace. Let us lift our prayer together.  

Please email us if you would like us to pray for you (or another) by name. Provide as much information as you'd like. Unless otherwise requested, we'll publish first names only, and will publish specifics of request only if you ask us to.

If you'd like to continue on the list, please renew the request weekly. 

Please pray for those in suffering in mind, body, or spirit:

Ann Apperson—Cancer has returned; more chemo

Albert and Mary Brackebusch


Butch—Living in nursing care with aging-related health issues

Wayne Caskey—Living with a cancer diagnosis



Danny—Struggling in prison


Annette Eberlein

Pam Fletcher—Neck broken in an accident, and her mother Bev Anderson

Helen—The long road of grief

Laura Iannazzo—Living with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma


Pat Jenness—Hospitalized for treatment of congestive heart failure

Kathy Johnson—And husband Ron, living with Kathy's early-onset Alzheimer's

Sarah, Joshua and Julie Johnston


Kaitlyn—Living with chronic lung disease

Sharon Kehoe—And husband Rob; living with Sharon's Stage 4 lung cancer 


Melissa Kirkland—Moscow High School teacher recovering from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision 

Louis—Recovering from endocarditis

Dianne Lowe—Living with Parkinson's disease 


Bob Mcgahan—In a new cancer treatment


Pam and Kelly

Anne S.—Grieving the death of her son

Seamus—A child struggling with serious mental illness


Those who live in fear

Those who do not yet know that God is embracing them in love

Those who suffer the demons of despair, fear, hatred, and hopelessness

Those working 12-step programs and in other ways engaging recovery

Tom—Lewy Body dementia

Walter—In Hospice care

Betty Wayman—Lung and brain cancer; and prayer for her husband Bill and family

The Wharton family

Liz Worley

Please pray for those seeking or striving for justice, peace, and respect in the world—and pray for our planet:

Asylum seekers, forced migrants and others longing to seek protection and safety in the United States

An end to the epidemic of gun violence in this nation, which puts ownership of military style semi-automatic weapons, and easy access to other firearms as a higher priority than the lives of children and humans of all ages

An equitable tax system in the U.S. to grow and strengthen the middle class, that all may share in opportunities for adequate and affordable education, health care, and old age 

Healing of the divides in this nation, especially around race, class, and gender—through repentance and amends by those who hold privilege—and through a renewed commitment by the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, and all in power to "strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being" 

A healthcare system that is not profit-driven, but rather driven by and responsive to human (patient) need

The Kurdish people, under attack by Turkey and abandoned by the U.S. on the President's order

The Muslim Uighur people in China, persecuted, interned, and families separated to facilitate governmental "re-education"

Our nation, which has normalized a narrative of lies, fear, greed, hatred, meanness, and racism instead of the story (which could make it great) of integrity, hope, common good, love, kindness, and inclusion

Our nation, which denies its own systemic racism, white privilege, and unjust structures and, in defiance of the Gospel—of love, inclusion, and community—withholds justice and opportunity from African-American people, First Nations people, and other people of color; and our president who makes racist statements and in whom white supremacist and white nationalist groups find aid and encouragement

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank persecuted by illegal Israeli settlers during their olive harvest

The people of Chad, especially in the region of Lake Chad which has diminished by 95% and no longer provides livelihood to its peoples; and the people's daily struggle under threat from Boko Haram, with little or no protection from its ineffectual and corrupt government

The people of Sudan, especially the women and children, suffering ongoing violence, drought, and famine

The people of Syria. Especially for the most vulnerable: the elderly, children, and women—struggling to make a life under tyranny and during war

The people of Yemen, a land in crisis in the face of climate change and war with Saudi funded Sudanese child-mercenaries that threaten more people with death by starvation than we have known in this century

The President of the U.S., his Cabinet, advisors, and staff, and our Congress and Supreme Court, that their hearts may be turned to serve the common good, especially toward "the least of these" among us, to foster justice and equity, and to use their prerogatives and power to protect and sustain our planet and the liberty of its all people in its borders to live in peace and safety

Refugees and forced migrants throughout the world; those who seek asylum, relocation, and a safe home

The Rohingya people of Myanmar and Bangladesh

That our Congress may enact sensible gun laws

Those facing danger and oppression

  • Archbishops Paul Yazigi and Yohanna Ibrahim, Syria, abducted in 2013, fate unknown (no new developments since this article)
  • Christians persecuted in Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, India and Pakistan
  • Muslims persecuted in India, Israel, Myanmar, Europe, and the USA
  • All women and girls of the world
  • LGBTQ persons and trans people, especially youth 
  • Victims of human trafficking, slave trade, and sexual exploitation
  • Those who suffer abuse or violence at the hands of someone they love and/or trust 

Please pray for the church:

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Richland, Washington (In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer)

Jamal Lyksett, and all baptized on All Saints' Sunday

Our community of  St. Mark's, Moscow, Idaho, in search for new clergy leadership after the retirement of out long-term Rector. (Pray the Prayer written by our chaplain Ron Johnson, for the St. Mark's Rector Search and Call Process.)

The Sisters, Oblates, staff, and friends of the Monastery of St. Gertrude (Cottonwood, Idaho—Roman Catholic)

The Sisters, Oblates, staff, and friends of the Convent of St. Mary (Sewanee, Tennessee—Episcopal)

Trinity Baptist Church, Moscow, Idaho (In the Interfaith Cycle of Prayer)


And in Gratitude for:

"Beth Shabbat"

Blessed sleep


Critical thinking—May it be nurtured in all

Family Love

The freedom of truth

Godly resistance


"In-between" times

Marcie and Landon and their son Gabriel Bruce born September 26

New Friends—their welcome and embrace

Melissa Parkhurst and Oliver Rossi

Reporters of fact-based journalism

Resilience and resistance


Second chances

St. Mark's community

Those who teach and work toward restorative justice, non-violence, and reconciliation

Those who work for the common good, in any capacity

Traveling mercies


A warm home


And those who have died. May their lives be for blessing. May friends and angels lead them into the Light; and may God comfort those who mourn:

Adam Seo—(d. October 4) University of Idaho student killed in motor vehicle collision, and his family and friends

Dennis Salisbury—(d. October 3), age 55, and his family

Those killed by gun violence in our country in 2019 (including accidents and suicide): 32,761 children, women, and men; and 24,782 people injured (through November 1). 

Go here to read a statement by our Bishops Against Gun Violence. Go here to read our Bishop's statement on domestic violence. 

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

[Photo: St. Mark's)